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I want to use the QR code at my Loved One's funeral to collect memories from attendees. What is the best way to do that?

On your Loved One’s qrMemorial, you will find a QR code button in the top right-hand corner. There you can download an image of the QR code and set it into a picture frame that you can have friends and family scan at the funeral. Or, print it on the back of each program. Or simply have the plaque laid out.

If you left your direct contribution setting on, anyone viewing the memorial can submit contributions. So all who scan this QR will be able to contribute by clicking the contribute button on the top of the qrMemorial page.

What happens if I want another QR code?

QRemember can ship you additional QR codes. Just head over to our “Buy Another QR Tag” page on the top right hand corner of the QRemember page.

What happens if I want to review contributions before they are posted to my Loved One's qrMemroial?

All administrators have the ability to turn on “Administrator Approval” in their dashboard settings. By turning on Administrator Approval, the Administrator must accept any contributions that come in before they are posted on the qrMemorial.

What if I want to delete a picture or story contributed to the qrMemorial, after is has already been posted?

In your Administrator dashboard, you can delete photos by heading to the photos section and just clicking the delete button next to any photo you want to delete from your Loved One’s qrMemorial.

Can I edit a contributors post as administrator?

No, the administrator can delete the post but can’t edit a contributor’s post.

Can I password protect my qrMemorial?

Yes, from your administrator dashboard your can turn on the password protection setting and enter a password for your memorial. This will prevent anyone without the password from people being able to view the qrMemorial.



What our customers are saying about us

QRemember really is a great way to keep the memory of our treasured loved one's alive! It's so easy to invite people to contribute photos and seeing what comes in is such a beautiful experience. We got so many great photos and it brings tears to my eyes every time I visit.

Lisa M.

QRemember was such a beautiful addition to my grandmother's grave. We collected a ton of photos from friends and family, and saw some parts of my grandmother we never knew existed! I was able to easily control the what stories and photos were added from the administrator page and curate an unbelievable memorial that anyone visiting my grandmother's resting place can enjoy. It's exciting to know that generations from now, visitors to my grandmother's grave can scan this code and view her life in pictures and stories.

Dylan G.

I have always visited the grave of my wife, Katherine, regularly. I share my thoughts and prayers with her there. When I placed a QRemember plate on her grave, and viewed Katherine’s life in photos and stories contributed by so many friends and family, I was simply stunned and overjoyed. I cannot describe my feelings in words. The photo album simply adds a wonderful dimension to my visits.

David C.


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